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02 May 2008 @ 02:16 pm
Incase you were wondering...  
Just to keep my mind off of things, this is the RPG I have been playing while away. Jase is also a member. The membership is small, but growing with a very nice group of people. Anyone who likes to write is more than welcome to create a character and join (Warning:Must be 18+...Adult situations can and do happen).


"Come, take a trip in my airship,
Come sail away to the stars,
We'll travel to Venus,
We'll sail away to Mars..."

It's Modern day and mutants aren't liked. They group themselves together for protection and for other less agreeable reasons. One such group has taken refuge on an airship. There, they can be themselves. They are soldiers of fortune, taking what they want and then escaping into the air. Of course, there are other means of wealth that are more honorable. They harvest lightning, and sell it to the humans on earth who have lost the capacity to do it for themselves. Will you join the crew of the King's Ransom, and seek your fortune? Or will you hunt the dreadful mutants and join the Human International Law Enforcement? The choice is yours.

King's Ransom Mods
glacier Mark
_umbra Jase
light_chaser Ally
Email- kingsransomrpg[at]aol[dot]com
(Email Questions, Comments and Applications to the above address or PM a Mod)

King's Ransom OOC
Rules|FAQ|Storyline Info
Guidelines|Character List|Holds
Want Ads|Application
Friend Add- Locked|Member List- Locked

About the Game

Game Rating: NC-17
Age Limits: 17+
Mutant Based (non-XMen)
(Deleted comment)
Mark: Laughing c and hboywondermark on May 3rd, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)

For some reason,Mark, I am picturing you stifling a yawn! :b
(Deleted comment)
Mark: gay kiss classicboywondermark on May 4th, 2008 01:19 am (UTC)
LOL! Just something to keep me busy! It's a guilty pleasure! :b


Mark too
Dale T. GreatOne: Dell Dudedgreatone on May 2nd, 2008 11:54 pm (UTC)

Sounds like you're getting better. You better be getting better - Prince Caspian is coming out in 2 weeks!!
Mark: Calvin Hobbes Hugboywondermark on May 3rd, 2008 12:25 am (UTC)
Well...not really getting better...going for a series of MRIs and stuff in June...let me make a post...okay, sweetie!

*gropes your heinie*
erskie: Love youerskie on May 17th, 2009 10:27 am (UTC)
So its been a while since we've seen you on here, I really hope everything is ok. Drop me a message to say you're still alive and how things are.

I miss you!!

Take care


Markboywondermark on May 18th, 2009 02:48 am (UTC)
Hi, Sarah!

I'm still kicking, Sarah! How are you?

I've been taking it easy...monitoring the whole headache/spinal cord thing. Then I found some lumps in my chest and those are being checked, but they are sore, so it's prolly not cancer. LOL...seems like I'm on more pills lately! I'm like a walking maraca!

I've been modding a rpg and playing several characters on it lately. I think the escape from reality is a good thing for now. That's why I haven't really been posting on LJ...I'd be posting about doctora and stuff and who wants to hear all that? It depresses me!

I miss you too! How are things down under?

*Smoochs and hugs* Mark
erskieerskie on May 18th, 2009 02:53 am (UTC)
Good to see you alive and kicking! I can understand you not posting, I'll be keeping you in my thoughts, and hopefully you'll start getting better soon!!

Things here are going well, back at uni and spend most of my time studying or drinking LOL

Do you have facebook at all??

Hugs and kisses

Mark: guy Footballerboywondermark on May 18th, 2009 03:12 am (UTC)
Oh, I'm okay, sweetie. Uni is all about studying and drinking! I hope you are doing plenty of boy-watching too! ;)

Nope, no facebook here. I'm probably one of the 2% that don't have it. LOL

erskieerskie on May 18th, 2009 03:46 am (UTC)
Me, boywatch? Never! LOL

I actually just broke up with a guy I've been seeing last night, so I'm kinda staying off the boys for the time being

Go sign up for facebook so I can stalk you more effectively :P


Markboywondermark on May 18th, 2009 01:19 pm (UTC)
OH NO! You just broke up? Well, he must have really deserved it! I'm sorry, Sarah. Don't worry...there are plenty of guys for a hottie like you. Cute girls with a great personality PLUS smarts...wow! You are an A-lister for sure!

Hahaha...if I sign up for Facebook, there will be 2 communities I can't keep up with! :b
erskieerskie on May 18th, 2009 10:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks Hun :) He was actually a really good guy, just not the right guy for me. He was 4 years younger and in a very different place in life than I am.

haha, thats cool, you have to make sure you stay in touch though!

Mark: comic heartbeat Jerry mouseboywondermark on May 19th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
I understand that, sweetie. I was dating this girl who was the sweetest person in the world, but just not for me romantically. I had to break it off. It's not easy, but it's the only fair thing to do.

I'll do my best, Sarah! I'm only a guy! :b