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15 July 2006 @ 09:32 pm
Roleplaying fun...  
Jase and I have been roleplaying on this forum for about a month (?) now and we are enjoying it quite a bit...the set up is perfect for anyone who wants to play...you post when you can! Jase and I have kept our story going at a pretty good pace...others post at a snails pace! LOL!!

This is what Jase just posted...

>>Mark and I are still doing the message board RP. Its fun except that we are one of the only ones playing right now. lol! If you are interested, check it out at http://kota.forumup.net/
Mark is Etienne and Charr. I am Sarosh and Orin. We need some people that like writing, have a great imagination and want to play. If anyone makes a character and needs a website made for them, I will help! Mark is going to make a post about it which you know will have lots of pretty pictures!<<

So...anyone who is interested in possibly joining and playing along, check out Jase's link and read some of what is going on!

Here's a quick look at the characters we play!

Our first and principal characters are...

Etienne DeVermandois (That's me!)- A French Crusader Knight that is killed and then resurrected as a Living Mummy...with a soul that is Etienne's merged with an ancient Egyptian Sorceror, Awi Khonsu, who now calls the shots using Etienne's memories, etc.

Sarosh (That's Jase!) - A beautiful Persian boy...a eunuch...that belonged to a rich merchant until his whole travelling party was butchered by a band of Knights Templar. Etienne was passing with his party of Knights Hospitaller and saved the boy, making him his squire.

The next two are kinda secondary characters we created to mingle with the other characters (16 in all)

CHARR (me again) - a Solimond (Fire elemental) who is in Ireland for a few different reasons...

ORIN (Jase!) - A Celtic Tree Fairy who is familiar with all the spirits of the forest and apparently enjoys a life of rhyme, rhythm and song!


Etienne - http://www.angelfire.com/planet/etienne0/ (At the bottom of the first page are 2 links, one to each of the souls that reside in the resurrected knight's body)

Sarosh - http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/sarosh/ (click on the pic to go into the site. Then at the bottom of that 2nd page, there is a link to a third page)

Charr - http://www.angelfire.com/punk/charr/

Orin - http://www.angelfire.com/planet/orin/

Jase has offered to create a website for anyone who would like one for their character!

gregstevenstx on July 16th, 2006 02:31 am (UTC)
Wow.... that beautiful Persian boy is definitely a hottie. I love the eyeliner, too.
Markboywondermark on July 16th, 2006 02:47 am (UTC)
He's incredible, isn't he?! Jase patterned his character after Bagoas (Alexander's Persian dancing boy lover)