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28 February 2006 @ 08:20 pm
Reordering a bit...  

Something has been bothering me for awhile...LJ, my friends list, posts, replies, comments, etc.

I have such a great group of friends in the real world and I guess, being a bit naive (and I am), that I expect everything to be the same in the cyberworld.

Now...this is not from anger and I'm not pointing fingers, but I have decided to cut my friend's list drastically and make my journal 'Friends Only'. The reason for this is that I have so many on my list (156), that I find myself stressed to keep up! I have so many wonderful people on my list that show real interest in being my friend...and I feel truely neglectful in returning the interest. I end up scrolling through post after post of people who never reply to me...or who I have nothing in common with (again, this is nobody's fault...it just is).

Please know that this is nothing personal and is NOT meant to cause any drama (that's why I'm disabling the comments on this post).

So...I was wondering how to best choose (I love to make categories and lists...LOL)...and if you are at all curious...


1) People who have been on list forever and we never connected or commented to each other.

2) Communities I have lost interest in.

3) Old friends who have drifted away and never comment on my LJ or reply even when I comment on theirs.

4) Newer friends who seemed interested in me at first and then turned away.



1) People that I've connected with and comment regularly. Those who have become real friends.

2) Communities that hold my interest.

3) People whom I trade comments with occasionally, no expectations...nice friendly acquaintances.
4) Old friends who have remained old friends.

>>>I'll be doing this in the next few days...if you find you have disappeared, please don't be upset...it's truely not personal!