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23 May 2005 @ 02:37 pm
Got this from Jasey...  
Green is your Lightsaber's color.

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth,
harmony, and freshness. Green has strong
emotional correspondence with safety. Green is
also commonly associated with wealth and
happiness, so someone with a green lightsaber
like yourself is a fortunate soul.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Dan the gnomebrewergnome on May 27th, 2005 01:21 pm (UTC)

In early high school I once came home and asked Mom why I was, "broken."

I've never felt that I felt most emotions as strongly as the people around me. Not that I don't have them, just that - most of the time - they're not as intense as other people's.

And I can't read my own emotions almost at all. Any remotely complicated emotion in myself completely confounds me. And yet I'm really good with other people's (which is a reason I have to work not to manipulate them).
Markboywondermark on May 27th, 2005 04:45 pm (UTC)
I know you have the emotions, Dan...you're just holding them in and trying to analyze them instead of letting them flow. I do that somestimes, myself. You're an intelligent guy and want to analyze and categorize your feelings...instead of just letting them flow free, I'll bet. LOL...we need to give you an emotional enema!
Dan the gnomebrewergnome on May 27th, 2005 05:10 pm (UTC)
No offense to you but I really wish people would stop telling me that.

Just letting my emotions be whatever they want is great, when I'm isolated in a room.

When I'm interacting with people I need to know what it is I'm feeling because I need to be able to communicate it to others. For example, if I'm in a relationship and he says "do you love me" I need an answer. When he says, "do you want to move to a committed relationship" I need to know how I feel before I say "yes" or "no"
Mark: blondboywondermark on May 27th, 2005 05:30 pm (UTC)
No offense taken at all, Dan! I mean...we are discussing YOU in a public forum...right?! LOL!
The fact is, I don't really know you well enough to be telling you anything. I'm just, in my own 'me' way, trying to take what you are telling me and figure out a solution...trying to be helpful.
It could be possible that you haven't met the guy who will totally bowl you over so that you will KNOW how you feel...without question!
Dan the gnomebrewergnome on May 27th, 2005 05:36 pm (UTC)

I don't know. Communication is critical for a good relationship, but how can you have good communication if you can't figure out what you feel in order to express it?
Mark: coyoteboywondermark on May 27th, 2005 05:57 pm (UTC)
Maybe you are expecting yourself to feel something that you just don't feel?
Dan the gnomebrewergnome on May 27th, 2005 05:59 pm (UTC)
Possibly. I don't know. I feel something out of the ordinary for a friendship. But I don't know if it's a best friend, lover, or nearest person 'cause I'm lonely, or something else feeling.
Markboywondermark on May 27th, 2005 06:48 pm (UTC)
LOL...Dan, it's a good thing I live so far away! I would drive you crazy! I'd be dragging you around...playing matchmaker!! AND, horror of horrors, I would baby you to death! LOL!!!

(Jeesh...we are just talking via LJ and you choked me up with the 'cause I'm lonely' remark!)
Dan the gnomebrewergnome on May 27th, 2005 06:53 pm (UTC)
It's a problem. I know mostly people like myself, and thus not people who know other people. The only BF I've had I met through a once-friend (now evil enemy).

Sorry to choke you up, but it's an option I've got ot consider.
Mark: classicboywondermark on May 27th, 2005 07:03 pm (UTC)
You have no idea the danger you are in...I'm a 'fixer'...I feel this great need to fix people's problems! I'm so wanting to find you a nice guy to date!
Dan the gnomebrewergnome on May 27th, 2005 07:05 pm (UTC)
Sure I do. I'm also a fixer (what Gemini isn't? We're all meddlers). Unfortunately I'm much better at other's problems than my own.
Markboywondermark on May 27th, 2005 08:39 pm (UTC)
Y'know, Dan...I'm guilty of the same thing! I was driving home and I had to chuckle at myself...I'm dumping all of this advice on you and I can't figure my own life out! LOL! I'm also guilty of saying I will carry out advice and not doing it.
Dan the gnomebrewergnome on May 29th, 2005 06:09 pm (UTC)
::laughs:: I'm working on it, trying to feel better about myself and going to more functions than I used to. Now I've just got to take a few more leaps of faith into the real world...
Mark: Bathtimeboywondermark on May 30th, 2005 12:57 am (UTC)
YES! Good for you, hon! I'll be happy to see that!
Dan the gnomebrewergnome on May 30th, 2005 01:06 am (UTC)

And then I manage to see the one one-night stand I ever had (and of course the only one I handled by not handling, or talking to him at all or taking his calls).

BAH. Karma can kiss my ASS.
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